How it Works


SweatGear is looking for people just like you to join our tribe, and make some money. Our programme is designed to put money in your pocket purely for loving our products and telling people about it. When you join our Affiliate Programme, you will earn 10% commission on all the people you refer to us that end up buying on our website.


When you register to become a SweatGear Affiliate, we give you a unique ID. This ID is embedded in a website link and whenever you share your unique SweatGear website link with people and they end up buying, you will earn cash! This is not just a once off deal, you earn even on returning customers!

Our programme is absolutely free to join! It takes only a couple of minutes to join, and you get some great marketing tools to use. Whether you have your own website, you want to tell people on WhatsApp or you have a couple of Social Media profiles you want to use to share our products, we’ve got you covered.

You will get access to your very own online admin area where you can see how many people that you have referred, how many have bought SweatGear products, and how much commission you have earned from these sales. Commissions are paid out once a month directly into your bank account. 

This is truly one of the easiest ways to earn money, and we would love you to join us!