Kallas Eksteen


This Sweat Gear ambassador has graced no less than 14 Men’s Health covers! His latest, the January 2018 issue of Men’s Health Australia.

Being a Lifestyle Fitness Athlete, Kallas is a great example that you can be healthy and in good shape without competing in fitness competitions. “I believe that you are the architect of your own body, it is up to you to take care of yourself to be all you can be. The Fitness Industry has no off-seasons, it’s a lifestyle.”

Having completed his honors in Sports Science, he enjoys sharing his wealth of knowledge by teaching others the correct way to approach exercise and nutrition. This, combined with the platforms Men’s Health and Sweat Gear have provided him with, he now has the opportunity to reach out to people in a way that was not possible before.

According to Kallas, being part of the Sweat Gear Family has been one of his career highlights and it has given him a clear vision of his goals for the future.

He says today is your tomorrow and it is up to you to shape it. Stay humble and never forget that all you have achieved is only by the Grace of God.