Lieze van der Walt


Happily married to my sexy hubby Fanie van der Walt.

I have always had a love for sport- receiving my SA colours in hockey and swimming. My fitness passion only kept growing and under the mentorship and coaching of Chris Boshoff (owner of Quest gym) I got into the fitness industry and started competing– the hard work and dedication paid off and I’ve never looked back since.

One of the great things about Sweat Gear is how comfortable their clothes are – especially during training routines involving a lot of running, jumping or heavy weight-lifting. I have the confidence I need when I train in them- especially during those squatting sessions.

Fitness is not a destination- it is a lifestyle. I don’t believe in an ‘off-season’ look where you can just let go and forget to take care of your body. Sure you can’t always be at 5% body fat like you are on stage, but maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine is very important to me.

Sweat Gear has given me even more motivation during my training – being backed by such an amazing brand is a dream come true. Almost everyday people ask me “where did you get those tights?” I love replying with a smile on my face: SWEAT GEAR. I literally don’t work out in anything else anymore.

You get this amazing life- live it to the full always remembering the grace of God is what guides you to the finish line…you just have to run!!